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The NSP Reader gives you sitewide, secure control of your building. Helping you to understand how your residents use your building.

The Reader

The NSP Reader is activated by keycard, fob, wristband and smartphone. Mounted on the wall or a post next to the door the IP65 rated reader gives easy access to your building for both internal and external applications. The controller also provides your building management with a wide range of reports and adhoc security control of your building.

Break Glass Buttons & Push to Exit

The NSP Infrared Push to Exit gives easy exit through your building. The contactless exit button reduces touch points in the building and allows you to leave with a wave of the hand. Working with maglocks, solenoids, automatic doors and a wide range of door security types the NSP door release button is smart and flexible.

The NSP LED Green Break Glass provides residents with an easy to see fire escape measure. In the event of an emergency they can activate the button to release a door. When activated, the LEDs turn Red so that management can easily see that the Green Break Glass has been activated and can reset if required. This obvious visible measure substantially reduces your concierge’s service call outs for security engineers.

Key features

  • Simply software to write, cancel and control keycards
  • Easy to use hot buttons for concierge
  • Easy to cancel lost cards
  • Full security audit trail of all movements in the building
  • Wide range of reports to help manage the site
  • Email alert notifications
  • API send and receive management
  • Flexible resident profiles to suit all tenures and visitors
  • Modification of entry permissions on the fly
NSP Phone

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